Take a drawing or painting, for example. No matter how lifelike or crazy-real it looks, it's never gonna be the real McCoy. You can draw someone's face, but it'll never be as spot-on as a photo.

🎨 Artistic Value of Photography

Nowadays, photographers are all about those fancy Photoshop tools, tweaking and twisting photos into art. There's a gazillion different software programs that let photographers boss their lenses around to capture an object just how they want it—not necessarily how it is IRL. Before all these photo editing apps, photography was its own thing, capturing reality as it was. But now peeps are learning tricks like camera effect enhancement, combining separate places, and creating different backgrounds to make jaw-dropping photos that don't look like the real deal. This is turning photography into more of an art form than its own unique field.

So, what's the deal? It's up to the photographer to decide if they wanna keep it real with true-to-life photos or go all artsy with fancy camera effects. TBH, the new generation is kinda digging the artistic photos more than the old-school real ones. With all these souped-up HD cameras, it's like every photo these days is an enhanced version of the object, not the actual thing. This is super noticeable in landscape and nature photos—they look like paintings hanging in a gallery! When you check out the expressions in each photo, you can tell if it's the real deal or if it's had a little help from camera effects. If you wanna keep it real, just snap photos of objects in their natural state—no lighting tricks needed. 🌞


Artistic Value of Photography in Honolulu Hawaii

Artistic Value of Photography Honolulu Hawaii