Most companies need maintenance through a permanent staff for management of IT needs necessary for their information security and current work structure. Nekko Digital uses the latest available technology to protect business and personal computers for convenience with reduced downtime with a proactive system of 24/7 monitoring. The company aims to offer computer support by taking care of the IT concerns of small businesses located in Hawaii, Seattle, or any place else.

Nekko Digital offers managed care tech support with system and custom backups monitored and scheduled by the support software. The software conducts ongoing system monitoring to ensure the security and stability of the computers. The system monitoring software detects the problems in the computer infrastructure early and immediately warns of potential hazards. The 24/7 Monitored Security software provides regular security scans and computer protection against threats like viruses, rootkits, trojans and spyware.

Nekko Digital offers Joomla Web design by developing and designing custom websites through CMSs that are beautiful, easily manageable and functional at the same time, making the business website unique and putting it in the forefront of their market. Nekko Digital creates sitemaps having easy structure, navigation to the customer’s website for improving conversions and getting the website a higher rank in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

About Nekko Digital

Nekko Digital offers several IT services to help customers with their computer needs including Managed Care Tech Support, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Webmaster Support. Dez, the founder, travels the world and practices photography apart from the job of offering IT help.

They partner with the clients helping them in structuration and refinement of content architecture of their website insuring strong marketing calls and a clear user interface. Structure and navigation are important parts of the design process.


Company: Nekko Digital

Nekko Digital℠ is a web services company specializing in managed care tech support, online digital marketing, web design, and webmaster support. We provide managed computer support, online marketing services, webmaster services and web design and development for joomla websites.