I had some experience with traditional jobs (the famous 9 to 5 endeavor) and even though I can’t say that this traditional career option is bad, I find my lifestyle much better and much more productive since I’ve started working while traveling.

I travel the world while helping my clients with their IT needs and at the same time I am taking photos for fun. In fact, my photography skills are becoming more advanced every year and it won’t be a lie if I say that my photos are now semi-professional. I’ve invested in new equipment which provides high-quality photos and video footage. In case you are wondering why this hobby that I have is so important and I must mention it in addition to what I do, keep reading because I’ll provide a good explanation.

I am a web designer, online marketer, and webmaster based in Hawaii and Seattle. My services include creating websites, developing web elements, placing websites on the first page of search engines through SEO for organic results, and managing the IT infrastructure of small businesses. So why photography? First of all, photography allows people to unleash their creativity. Every person is creative, but our traditional jobs and modern lifestyles don’t give us some me-time. I have decided to become a digital nomad in order to avoid things like this. Taking photos from beautiful places also makes me more relaxed which is very important today in this fast-paced world where stress is part of every person’s life. In other words, photography makes me happier and makes me enjoy what I do.

The same goes for traveling. There is nothing else that can be compared to the joy of traveling. Since I am providing help to my clients with their IT needs, I am working with people from every part of the world. I know that our planet is beautiful and that every country in the world has certain beauties that are worth visiting. The opportunity to learn more about a foreign language, foreign culture, and history as well as to meet new people with a different mentality and views is always refreshing. I’ve learned a lot from these trips to different countries. Now let’s get back to my profession.

Since my early childhood, I have always shown interest in technology. Luckily, we live in a digital age where technology has made a tremendous progress. About 20 years ago, we were witnessing the emergence of new technology that was changing the way medicine and specific industry work, but today every individual can feel and use these benefits directly. Of course, business owners and people trying to promote their work and services have benefited from these advancements too. IT services are more important than ever before and I know that with a good and honest work and great services you can work with many clients.

The essence of my job is to assist people with computer needs over the Internet, designing websites and placing them on search engines. This is a very interesting job that requires a lot of creativity too (this is where my photography hobby helps a little bit). There are many people who believe that they can take care of some of these IT tasks which is true. However, if you are a beginner and this is not your primary job you will have to spend a lot of time learning new things. That’s why it is the best idea to leave these activities to a true professional like me. I have the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to get this job done in the right way. The best part is that you will get all these services at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT firms. I enjoy my work and I want to establish long-term relationships with my clients and that’s why I am not focused on offering expensive services.

I strongly believe in used-centered design. This means that the design of your website should have the needs and requirements of your target group in mind. Attractive design, smooth navigation, fast loading, responsiveness – these are just some of the elements that I am implementing in the designs. In addition, I conduct usability testing whenever it is possible to do something like this. I am a visitor advocate and will defend their interest with concrete evidence and research. So, my basic mission is to connect businesses to their customers.

Another thing that is important today is a proper analysis of some of the most important indicators related to website performance. This is the reason why I measure unique visitors, bounce rate, and conversion percentage. It’s not very difficult to design a website that will attract visitors, but will they stay on your website? According to some statistics, it takes about 2-3 seconds for an average user to decide whether they will stay on your website or leave. This is where my work comes into play. I will analyze your target audience and create a website design that will make them stay for a longer period of time. In this way, you will also improve the position of your website in the search engine result pages. I am using the best analytics tools to measure these indicators and I will teach you how to use these tools too.

Information Technology, digital marketing and web design as part of this set of processes and tools is a field that is constantly growing and developing. One of the main reasons why I am so successful is the fact that I am following the latest news and trends in this area. On top of that, I am doing my best to implement these changes in my work. Of course, I am using the methods that have proven to be successful, and I would never make experiments with clients’ websites.We provide managed computer support, online marketing services, webmaster services and web design and development for Joomla! websites.