That’s why; when it comes to web design, it is important to consider the visual design of the site and how it goes with the other elements of the design.

Landscape Photography and Web Design

When designing a content-driven website, a designer can turn to landscape photography instead of just using an illustration. With a landscape photo used as the background, one can turn an otherwise dull design into something that will immediately pop out.

However, the problem is finding the right photo for the project. For a Joomla web design, one needs to consider usability above anything else. It is important that there’s a right contrast between the background and the text. Visitors must be able to read the text on top right away. Visitors will turn away from the website if they can’t read the text as soon as they arrive on the page.

Contrast of the Elements

Finding the right contrast for the page is easy. If the photo to be used as a background is dark, then use light text and other elements. The opposite should be applied when using a light photo as background. However, there are web designs that call for light text over light photo. If that is the case, then place something dark in between the background and the text. One of the most used methods is through the use of a drop shadow to make the text readable.

Quality of Landscape Photography

It is important to use photos that are of high quality, especially if it is a Joomla web design project for a business. Working with a designer who is also a photographer will ensure that the photos used in the project are of good quality, not just in its resolution but with the composition of the landscape photo as well.

It is also vital that the designer picks a photo that is relevant to the web page or site. Using a landscape photo of a beach as background for a fine dining restaurant website might not be the best choice, especially if the restaurant is not known for its seafood dishes.

These are the things that designers should consider when using landscape photography as design. By employing the services of a web designer who also does photography, you will be sure that the website will have high-quality images that are relevant to website.