With over two decades of experience, they're the experts in tailoring contemporary, convenient, and stylish designs that align with the Hawaiian lifestyle.

Breathe New Life into Your Home

Home is where the heart is, and in Hawaii, it's where the aloha is, too. Renovating your home allows you to rejuvenate your living space, making it more comfortable, functional, and in tune with your personality. DTC is known for their keen eye for detail and their knack for blending style with functionality. Whether it's creating an open-concept living space that captures the breezy island vibes or adding a lanai for you to soak up the sun, DTC can make your home renovation dreams come true.

Top Trends in Home Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Hawaii
Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, Design Trends Construction has, over the years, earned a well-deserved reputation for transforming homes across the Hawaiian Islands into veritable slices of paradise.

Cook Up Some Style in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every Hawaiian home. It's where families gather to prepare meals, share stories, and create memories. So, why not make it a space that's not just functional, but also stylish and inviting?

Trends in kitchen renovations are leaning towards modern yet timeless designs. Think sleek cabinetry, quartz countertops, and energy-efficient appliances. A kitchen island is also a great addition, providing extra prep space and a casual spot for dining. DTC has a wealth of experience in kitchen renovations, transforming dated kitchens into modern masterpieces with high functionality and style.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-like Retreat

There's nothing quite like retreating to a relaxing, spa-like bathroom after a long day. Bathroom renovations are all about creating a sanctuary that combines aesthetics with practicality. Popular trends include walk-in showers, freestanding tubs, double vanities, and serene color palettes inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii.

DTC excels at bathroom renovations, creating spaces that feel both luxurious and personal. They know how to incorporate the latest trends while ensuring your bathroom suits your needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose Design Trends Construction?

When it comes to renovations, you need a company you can trust, and DTC has proven to be a reliable partner for many homeowners in Honolulu. They guide you through every step of the renovation process, from the initial consultation and design phase to construction and final walkthrough. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and excellent customer service sets them apart in the industry.

Furthermore, DTC understands the unique charm and lifestyle of Honolulu. They know how to create spaces that not only look good but also withstand Hawaii's tropical climate.


Whether you're considering a full home renovation, a kitchen remodel, or a bathroom update, Design Trends Construction can turn your vision into reality. Home is more than just a place—it's a feeling. And with DTC, you can create a home that feels like your own personal paradise, right here in Honolulu.

Remember, a renovation isn't just about upgrading your space. It's about improving your quality of life. So, why wait? Get in touch with DTC today and take the first step towards your dream home.