Working anywhere and at any time

I am very passionate about traveling and I love dedicating my time to both photography and IT studies. The fact that I can easily do all three at the same time is primarily because they have so few restrictions. Most of my photography is travel based so I get to do that while enjoying myself. On the other hand, since I offer my technology services 100% online, I can literally do that while being anywhere in the world. With these three, you find that they complement each other, rather than clashing and hindering my gain.

Passion and opportunity

Most successful professionals the world over will tell you that if you have to do something, do that which you are passionate about. In today's world, you can basically monetize on anything. My passion for travel and photography is one such example. Travel photography is a huge industry that has a lot of opportunity for growth. Therefore, I took the opportunity that I saw in what I love. At the same time, with an exceptional skill in IT services, and the fact that I could do it online, I used an opportunity that had presented itself to achieve my goals.

Staying professional while relaxing

We all want a job that we can do without actually doing. As it turns out, I am living in the dream. Even though there is great joy in photography, I am still very professional about it. That said, I also take my IT job very seriously so as not to disappoint my clients. It takes quality work to place websites on the first page of Google, to conduct Social Media Marketing by posting articles on a set schedule, to conduct website maintenance as a webmaster, and to jump right into a potential problem when I receive notifications of a faulty computer or network on a company's infrastructure through our managed care tech support. On the other hand, travel provides great opportunities for relaxation. With two jobs that could instantaneously get very stressful, it helps to have something that can ease up the pressure.We provide managed computer support, online marketing services, webmaster services and web design and development for Joomla! websites.