• Updating text, images and videos
  • Correcting broken links, files and pages
  • Adding pages and content
  • Creating new elements
  • Creating ads or graphics
  • Fixing hosting issues
  • Backing up regularly

In fact, web maintenance often goes beyond just mechanics and content and extend to help with social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and securing user data from hackers and malware bots.

So, why and how do website maintenance and fresh content help boost a business bottom line? We try to answer this question below.

1. The Business Promotion

Business owners may have a great idea for a new promotion but may not have the time or expertise to publish it properly on their site.

With the help of our web support services, you can prepare the message you want to spread with the community (for example, a discount special, or pick up and drop off options) and your maintenance team can do the work of posting it online and make sure it is published properly. This way, you are able to focus on working “on your business” and not on being an online publisher.

2. Taking the Time To Troubleshoot

Let's say you posted your promotional post and, as a result, you’ve had a few days of increased sales. Then, suddenly, the page, element or content is no longer showing up on your website.

While you try to solve the problem, your ability to connect with customers is lost because you are spending your precious time troubleshooting. You are losing potential leads and sales as the days and hours fly by.

We can help solve these problems and the Nekko Digital website maintenance team is only an email away.

3. Better Understanding Your Audience

A web support team has the ability to set up and analyze analytics trackers on your website, giving the marketing specialist data on how customers interact with your website content. Is that new holiday promotion working for you? Do you get more leads from phone calls or contact forms? These are very important questions we try to answer every day because it may mean the difference between a successful campaign and a wasted one.

Once information is captured we are able to determine what’s working and what’s not and form there we will know what changes are required.

4. Increasing Visibility

Once your website is up and running, your job doesn’t stop there. In order for your website to be displayed on Google search engine results page (SERP) optimally, your site must be properly organized and follow a collection of best practices. This is often perceived as SEO work, and although very important, SEO alone will not accomplish much if a framework is not up-to-date, plugins are not working as expected, the site structure is disorganized and outdated to the point that the site can be attacked and stop working and, most importantly, if new pages and fresh content is not being added. Don't forget, your website is a living and breathing entity.

Needless to say, we can help ensure your website is configured so that it can rank well, positioning you to increase customer leads and sales.

5. Reaching More Customers on Mobile Devices

People are now conducting more searches on mobile devices than desktop and laptop computers combined. If your website is not responsive (i.e., able to adapt to both mobile devices and desktop computers), your website will rank lower for searches on mobile devices not to mention that visitors will surely not stick around.

We can ensure that your website is responsive and optimized for both mobile devices and desktop computers.