Yet achieving these benefits requires driving traffic to your website the right way, and a focus on driving quality traffic.

Traffic to your website helps to improve your rank which in turn generates more traffic, but you want to make sure that the increase in traffic is associated with an increase in engagement as well.

There are a number of ways to optimize your website for conversion—such as by including calls to action and lead capture forms in the right places, providing the information your visitors are seeking, and making navigation easy and intuitive. But once all that is done, what else can you do?

Driving traffic through the right channels

There isn’t one set-it-and-forget-it tool that generates free and high-quality website traffic to your website. Rather, there exists a mix of channels that work together to drive visitors. Some require effort, some require time, and some require money.

Staying on top of all the possible tasks one can attempt to maintain a successful marketing campaign can be overwhelming to the average business owner, so we've put together the 7 most important steps to getting more eyes on your service or product. Best of all, these are based on a 100% organic marketing strategy - that means, no paid advertising anytime anywhere;

The 7 steps to double your traffic

  1. Create amazing content.
  2. Consider creating newsletters so that an ongoing channel of communication is created between you and your prospects.
  3. Have an irresistible offer. This can be a free PDF or a discount coupon in exchange to filling out the contact form or signing up to the newsletter.
  4. When using social media, be social: promote your content, add related hashtags, answer questions, ask opinions, and welcome suggestions.
  5. Add value to your overall content by adding fresh information that relates to the overall message.
  6. Have a digital marketing agency to handle the onsite and offsite SEO. This is a determining factor to the level of visibility your website pages can receive because of all the technical requirements that make your content Google friendly.
  7. Be patient, high ranking results take time.

By following these steps you will get more traffic, leads and eventually sales. Getting more website visitors does not happen overnight. It takes some effort but we’ve eliminated the hard part for you: knowing what to do in the first place.